Cooking Classes

Sicilian cuisine is one of the most celebrated in all of Italy; not only because of the cultural and gastronomic influences from the Greek, Roman, Norman, Arab and Spanish but also because of the exceptionally fresh ingredients readily available thanks to a gloriously mild Mediterranean climate and the crystal-clear seas.

Our staff are willing to share the secrets learnt over the years, helping you discover the unforgettable spices, flavours and traditions of Sicilian food. Only locally produced “bio products” are used from the antipasto to traditional desserts. In addition to enjoying the meal you’ve just learned to prepare, once you’re back home you will be able to recreate and share a small piece of your holiday with your family and friends.

Cooking lessons

  • Classes in English and/or Italian are generally 3-4 hours long
  • Create 3 or 4 – course meals, which will be served at dinner, with our local staff
  • Vegetables, fruit and herbs are picked from our garden and/or bought locally

Some Suggestions

“Antipasti” Local cheese and typical Sicilian products
“Cassateddi in brodo” Sicilian style pasta filled with ricotta and parsley, cooked in chicken broth
“Cuscus alla Trapanese” Fish cuscus
“Agnello al forno” Baked lamb
“Caponata” Mixed vegetables
“Busiate al pesto alla trapanese” Home-made pasta served with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, almonds, grated pecorino cheese and aubergines
“Arancine” Fried rice balls filled with meat and/or cheese and ham
“Cassatelle” Fried ricotta filled dessert
“Genovese” Pastry filled with custard
“Cannoli” Ricotta filled dessert
Classes in collaboration with the association “Taste of Home”, who are also involved in discovering antique Sicilian recipes, can be organised.
Facilities and services

The villa offers also a wide range of facilities and exclusive services