About Us

  Our thoughts and ideas realized have always had a dual language: one is functional, the other is artistic, because of our belief; a unique welcoming, intimate and engaging, to respect the environment and to guide our guests during their stay to make the most of the surroundings, art and design in a dialogue with the ever-changing spaces   .

- Teresa and Giovanni    Baglio Minaudo

In 1990, Teresa from Australia and Giovanni from Sicily meet in Siena where they live for six years in contact with the Tuscan cultural heritage where restoring and renovating old country houses were the best ways of protecting the landscape and enhancing typical characteristics. So, after inheriting the family ’Baglio’ they decide to move Sicily where the slow process of renovating starts, unveiling and discovering features that had long been hidden under layers and layers of plaster, such as stone walls, arches and walls made from tufa stone that had come from local quarries, all abandoned for decades.

For the same reasons, some of the antique flooring and furniture found in the Baglio have also been restored, such as oak pieces from the beginning of the 800s, giving back the ancient soul but at the same time, a touch of modernity has not been forgotten, keeping a balance between tradition and innovation, creating a line of continuity from its construction to nowadays, where different generations have lived and left their mark for over 200 years. The Baglio, now completely renovated, is re-living its original charm, the spacious bedrooms, living areas, large kitchen and dining room is where every guest can find a totally private area to relax and enjoy their well-deserved holiday.

In the summer evenings, the scent of jasmine in the breeze will enchant you, making it an unforgettable moment sitting on the terrace or under the pergola sipping a glass of wine enjoying the peaceful Sicilian countryside.

Your senses will be captivated by this area where long sunny days and the warm Mediterranean sea caresses the soil making Baglio Minaudo the ideal place to spend a holiday. You will be seduced by Sicily, kissed by the sun and wrapped in its hills. The hub of this very special place is the colours, the perfumes, the landscape, the food – unique and special features of this land.

Facilities and services

The villa offers also a wide range of facilities and exclusive services